Professional commitment to the Client: return all phone calls, emails, texts within 12 hours. Client needs come BEFORE anything else, period.

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Value of Negotiation

It is critical to focus on maximizing impact both through effective negotiation and persuading potential buyers to recognize the true value of the property.

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Personalized Services

If you do business with me, you get me. You don’t get an assistant to schedule showings, you don’t get an unnamed administrative resource, you get my efforts and attention 100% of the time.

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Since 2015

Who is behind Buffalo Property Partners?

My name is Christopher Wietig and I am the founder of Buffalo Property Partners LLC.  In late 2015, I founded an independent real estate brokerage to fill a growing need I began to see in the marketplace.

I started my brokerage business because I see a need for a full service real estate firm that focuses on productive negotiation, data driven marketing and sales tactics, and above all, an undying commitment to the Client.

I have been working in sales and marketing locally since receiving my M.B.A. from UB in 2007. Since then I have been focused on delivering my customers exceptional service.




Next Steps...

Please contact me if you would like to discuss real estate.  I am always eager to talk about this industry and try to help others maximize their return on investment!